1. Apply eye base to the lid it will help to keep your shadow for hours and will help to avoid the appearance of greasy line in the crease.
  2. Use at least three colors from lid to brow allowing them to blend into each other just like a rain bow and it will look gorgeous. Be creative, proper blending the colors is the key to every application.
  3. Apply eyeliner as close to the upper lashes as possible from the inner to the outer corner (as thick/thin line as you prefer). Apply the liner at the bottom eyes but do not apply all over, just apply from the middle up to the outer corner than smudge the bottom line with your finger or Q-tip if you don't want a prominent line.
  4. Use a gold, vanilla or very light pink on the brow bone for the highlight as well apply the same color in the middle of upper eye lid and blend it lightly. This will help make eyes "POP".
  5. Apply mascara at the upper and lower lashes in outward movements, wait for couple of minutes and apply again for thick and fuller lashes.

  1. Blending colors is the key to use more than one color eye shadow.
  2. Consider your eye shape while using darker and light shades.